Team Resources

This page lists the main resources the team uses to organize our work. For a high-level overview of our upcoming goals, see the roadmap instead.

Project Management, Development, & Design

Places to check as we track our work:


Wiki documents

  • Communications — communication strategy, presentations, interviews, and other publications
  • Community — community partners and volunteering information
  • Market Research — research other funding platforms, FLO tools, repositories, and more
  • Legal — bylaws, incorporation, board and other legal policies (moving soon to the legal repo at

Misc Tools

Team availability tools

We use currently^[We’ve even paid their stupid ransom to access the extra features. Please someone create a FLO version of this! We spent a stupid amount of time fussing with ways to coordinate people around the globe sticking to only FLO tools.

Framadate is a FLO tool for this, but it has the wrong UI and does not serve our needs like WhenIsGood.

The forum has a calendar plugin we haven’t explored and a time-and-date function we can use for some things.

Adding a resource file

  1. Upload the file to /resources by giving the path /resources/filename.ext for the name (replacing “filename.ext” with the desired filename and extension).

  2. Add the link to the list above.