Team Resources

This page lists the places/tools the team uses to organize our work. For a high-level overview of our upcoming goals, see the roadmap instead.

Communication channels

We also keep track of tasks in our meeting notes. As of March 2021, this makes up an unfortunately-large percent of our issue tracking; if you want to follow our progress, meeting notes are the place to watch.


The team meets twice weekly (often includes co-working). See this forum post for more info. Quick links:

The Board of Directors aims to meet monthly but has been inconsistent (as of September 2019, the full governance system for the platform is still incomplete).


  • We use WhenIsGood.net1 for scheduling meetings.
  • Some additional info in this private forum post.



  • Communications — communication strategy, presentations, interviews, and other publications
  • Community — community partners and volunteering information
  • Market Research — research other funding platforms, FLO tools, repositories, and more

Adding a resource file

  1. Upload the file to /resources by giving the path /resources/filename.ext for the name (replacing “filename.ext” with the desired filename and extension).

  2. Add the link to the list above.


  1. Their payment option is down as of this writing, so attempting to pay just gets a no-charge premium account. But it’s still not FLO. Please someone create a FLO version of this! We spent a stupid amount of time fussing with ways to coordinate people around the globe sticking to only FLO tools. Nothing else compares to WhenIsGood. Framadate is a FLO tool for this, but it has the wrong UI and does not serve our needs like WhenIsGood.