Outreach Meeting — June 6, 2018

Attendees: smichel17, wolftune, salt

Using issues at outreach repo - repo set to private (only visible to repo members) - moving Taiga outreach stuff - - - NEXT STEP: wolftune makes GitLab issue(s) for video promotion etc. - NEXT STEP: Capture remaining taiga issues still marked as ‘ready’ in gitlab issues [DONE]

  • consolidating outreach tasks
  • relation to CiviCRM
  • NEXT STEP: Create gitlab issue with steps to (really) deploy civi
  • NEXT STEP: Have a gitlab issues grooming meeting

Flagging status for now (separate from proposed ideal flagging)

Migrating from Taiga

  • NEXT STEP: post about closing, give date until deletion [DONE]

Storing agenda items — gitlab issues w/ tag?

  • create topic(s) on Discourse:

Recommended Watched/Tracked/Watching First Post for team members/etc

  • should be watching the team category
  • should be watching (at least first post) for clearing the path categories relevant to your roles
  • should be watching first post for announcements
  • consider watching first post in the welcome category
  • consider tracking general discussion category
  • consider watching first post or tracking feedback category (or sub-categories)
  • NEXT STEP: start sticky thread in team category on ,cdiscourse

Project sorting