Meeting — November 25, 2019

Attendees: Salt, MSiep, alignwaivers, mray, wolftune, iko


Discourse (over past week):

  • Signups: 0 -> 0
  • New Topics: 2 -> 1
  • Posts: 26 -> 8

Reminders on building new best-practice habits

Sociocracy stuff

  • Drivers, describing driver statements:
    • Current situation + effect + what’s needed + impact of doing it
    • forum discussion of our use:
    • Objections vs concerns
    • Example of proposal phase:

Use of GitLab kanban boards

  • Use the boards to pick your tasks, dragging or marking To Do and Doing appropriately


## Salt met author of unfinished book on patronage funding at Communications conference
- NEXT STEP (salt): follow up with conference contacts, D. Yvette Wohn

## Issue grooming / dumping etc
- <>
- NEXT STEP (smchel17): Delete or close the LFNW 2019 milestone
- NEXT STEP (smichel + wolftune + alignwaivers): schedule grooming session
- NEXT STEP (msiep): groom design repo issues

## Code development progress
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): run the backlog of crowdmatches (blocked by needing to build and deploy updated site)

Marking prominently that we’re under-construction

  • mray has mockups in progress and updating them based on feedback, won’t include final text though
  • mray finds text changes tedious in inkscape and would rather that work happen in HTML etc.
  • would like to stick to layout questions if possible
  • msiep agrees as long as key items like labels are clear since they interact with the layout more, paragraph text doesn’t need to be exact
  • the mockup should include the removal/moving of “the following items” type text because that’s relevant to the layout
  • NEXT STEP (mray): finish mockup & get feedback

Volunteer / role recruiting etc

  • what to do with the spreadsheet info from SeaGL volunteers
  • what’s the next step aside from eventually putting in CiviCRM
  • Salt thinks it’s okay to wait some weeks / one month and ideally use Civi mid-December?
  • Alignwaivers: one month is within the range where we don’t really lose momentum
  • wolftune: generally agree, though there may be extenuating circumstances, e.g. the students working on it are busy, maybe possible to ping them, but I don’t know actually
  • Salt: students likely busy through end of quarter anyway
  • NEXT STEP (salt): poke at CiviCRM to get migration moving

Volunteer recruiting application

  • Salt: the 2nd item is the volunteer recruiting application
  • msiep: I haven’t got any further yet on it
  • Salt: what roles do we need, is it already captured?
  • wolftune: definitely captured. I’d also like to follow up with people from SeaGL who might be interested. Also have notes on people who I’m looking to recruit on the Board, one of them also from SeaGL.
  • Use thoughts here:
  • Alignwaivers: we have a repo for volunteer stuff on GitLab, any thoughts on centralising some of the volunteer-related resources (volunteer forms, etc.) on the repo? Does it make sense in the workflow?
  • MSiep: I think we’re implementing the form on CiviCRM, so maybe not the recruitment form?
  • Alignwaivers: okay
  • NEXT STEP (msiep): Wireframe of (or wherever the form will live), potentially with second stage “fill out profile” option (see meeting notes )

GitLab Subgroups

  • Salt: wolftune suggested there’s a subgroups feature, should we make use of it, if yes how? There are different privacy levels too
  • Salt, wolftune: it has potential, make it a task as part of governance-related tasks
  • NEXT STEP (wolftune): make restructuring of repos a task within the governance milestone about roles-recruitment etc.

meeting evaluation / feedback / suggestions round

  • salt: there’s toe-stepping / issues with talking over each other, maybe we could use some form of “raise-hand” signal on Mumble
  • alignwaivers: we really should be starting on time!
  • wolftune: we could use rounds more, with varying order, make sure to hear from everyone, can use during meeting to just get general feel from everyone, people can pass easily