Meeting — July 31, 2019

Attendees: mray, Salt, wolftune, MSiep


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Reminders on building new best-practice habits

Sociocracy 3.0 stuff

  • Drivers, describing driver statements:
    • Current situation + effect + what’s needed + impact of doing it
    • forum discussion of our use:

Use of GitLab kanban boards

  • Use the boards to pick your tasks, dragging or marking To Do and Doing appropriately


## New Project Forms
- NEXT STEP: (salt) discussing LibeOffice draft with Kodi and/or other closer project contacts
- NEXT STEP (msiep): incorporate links to project page mockups in LibreOffice stuff

## LFNW + beta milestone prioritizing/scheduling
-  <>
- NEXT STEP (smchel17): Delete or close the LFNW 2019 milestone

## Salt met author of unfinished book on patronage funding at Communications conference
- NEXT STEP (salt): follow up with conference contacts

## Look at potential projects to reach out to
- we now recreated boards at
- NEXT STEP (wolftune): add goverance issue(s) about updating projects-repo README

How-it-works and other core on-site about/info pages

  • wolftune: I think reconsidering the structure and purpose (perhaps 3 pages: public-goods / crowdmatching / budget ?) etc. would be the way to start, get structural agreement, then work out details
  • salt: also need a basic overview of how fits in market (vs major players, Patreon etc)
  • we want to list key distinctions rather than just a table of different competitors
  • list of competitors to definitely touch on: Kickstarter, Patreon, Indigogo, GitHub Sponsors, Open Collective
  • for reference has an early version of this approach
  • starter list of distinctions: crowd matching, ongoing funding, no vc conflict of interest, FLO / public good respecting, no fees we are just another project, no “membership restriction levels”
  • link to the full page for people who want to dive into every detail
  • need to quickly understand the distinguishing features
  • NEXT STEP (msiep): send rough wireframe with attribute labels to mray
  • NEXT STEP (msiep): think about structure of this section of tl;dr navigation
  • NEXT STEP (mray): begin designing visual layout for page

design progress, pace / how’s h30

OSU OSL progress

  • They are finalizing an SMTP server for us, should be testable soon
  • HTTPS certificate is expiring, will they have certs available within the next month?
  • NEXT STEP (salt): ping for smtp update and mention cert
  • NEXT STEP (wolftune): start new trello issue for ssl cert (DONE)