Meeting — April 4, 2019



## design progress, pace
- NEXT STEP (h30): document process of implementing mockups <>
- NEXT STEP (wolftune): check in with h30 about progress^

## New Project Forms
- NEXT STEP: (salt) implement forms 1 and 2 in civicrm (and 3 when ready) (will be updated with the implementation step)
- NEXT STEP: (wolftune) gather more complete list of all the items we need to have from project for legal, transparency, Stripe, etc. etc.
- NEXT STEP: (mray)

## New Meeting Time
- update your listings (everyone; athan poke people):
- NEXT STEP (wolftune): set new meeting time for next week

## LFNW 
- LFNW physical stuff, art, printouts etc.
- NEXT STEP (Athan): order tablecloth <>
- NEXT STEP (mray): provide feedback on overhauled tall banner <>

## LFNW + beta milestone prioritizing/scheduling
-  <>
- NEXT STEP (smichel): further grooming, figure out assignments for most of the LFNW issues (with good communication with the assignees), also due-dates

## LFNW blog post/announce
- NEXT STEP (wolftune): social media <>
- NEXT STEP: (salt) confirm access

## OSUOSL ops stuff
- NEXT STEPS (wolftune, Salt, maybe others): Follow up on email thread, connect on Trello, overall determine immediate next plans
- NEXT STEP (wolftune, Salt): bring up due diligence stuff a la

Reminders on building new best-practice habits

Sociocracy 3.0 stuff

  • Drivers, describing driver statements:
    • Current situation + effect + what’s needed + impact of doing it
  • NEXT STEP: wolftune posts that specific link to forum

Use of GitLab kanban boards (+ track civi todos there instead of this pad?)

  • NEXT STEP (everyone): Start using the boards to pick your own assignments, mark To Do and Doing appropriately, capture any missing issues


Discourse (over past week):

  • Signups: 0 -> 0
  • New Topics: 1 -> 2
  • Posts: 13 -> 17

Sociocracy 3.0, wolftune @ page: 11 of 37

We didn’t take good notes during meeting but had good productive discussion on booth banner, how-it-works designs, and general updates on other plans