Meeting — March 21, 2019

Attendees: wolftune, Salt, smichel17, mray


## Tracking ops tasks for just server maintenance
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): Review/capture ops priorities [chreekat, in his own list]

## design progress, pace
- NEXT STEP (h30): document process of implementing mockups <>
- NEXT STEP (wolftune): check in with h30 about progress^

## Ops meetings, progress
- NEXT STEP (Aryeah): sets up fresh server and makes sure comfortable with monitoring etc. all key management points, *then* can get into decisions on Docker, Drupal, Civi etc. <>
- NEXT STEP (Salt): discuss some regular meeting time (if possible with chreekat), also Aryeah & Salt meetup

## LFNW physical stuff, art, printouts etc.
- NEXT STEP (Salt): update <> with tablecloth dimensions, then reassign to mray
- NEXT STEP (mray): provide feedback on overhauled tall banner <>
- NEXT STEP (Salt): start Discourse topic on possibility of handbills or other hand-outs that aren't biz-cards

## LFNW + beta milestone prioritizing/scheduling
-  <>
- NEXT STEP: further grooming, smichel figure out assignments for most of the LFNW issues (with good communication with the assignees), also due-dates

## LFNW blog post/announce
- NEXT STEP (wolftune): publish blog post after LFNW publishes their schedule <>

## New Project Forms
- NEXT STEP: (salt) implement forms 1 and 2 in civicrm (and 3 when ready) (will be updated with the implementation step)
- NEXT STEP: (wolftune) gather more complete list of all the items we need to have from project for legal, transparency, Stripe, etc. etc.
- NEXT STEP: (msiep) split up website-focused vs behind-the-scenes details from projects, have project page design to go along with the forms
-updates: wireframe of project page done, that in progress, form needs to reference that
- NEXT STEP: update form to make sure it gets all the info for the project page

Reminders on building new best-practice habits

Sociocracy 3.0 stuff

  • Drivers, describing driver statements:
    • Current situation + effect + what’s needed + impact of doing it
  • NEXT STEP: wolftune posts that specific link to forum

Use of GitLab kanban boards (+ track civi todos there instead of this pad?)

  • NEXT STEP (everyone): Start using the boards to pick your own assignments, mark To Do and Doing appropriately, capture any missing issues


Discourse (over past week):

  • Signups: 0 -> 0
  • New Topics: 1 -> 5
  • Posts: 21 -> 18

Sociocracy 3.0, wolftune @ page: 11 of 37

Athan joining the team

  • wolftune: Athan has been really active in a lot of ways, representing us at conferences, etc, but has never had a role
  • wolftune: At the same time, I’ve been thinking about / working on fleshing out a list of roles that we really need to get everything taken care of.
  • wolftune: I wanted to get to that point for LFNW so to help with recruiting
  • wolftune: I’d like for Athan to officially join the team, we’ll print out business cards soon.
  • wolftune: Not sure exactly what role he should have; does anyone have questions/concerns?
  • wolftune: First thing for him to do is co-work on this list of roles we need, what’s the agreement/commitment in order to be part of the team, etc.
  • wolftune: Maybe he could take an HR role of some sort? Support & checking in with other people…
  • wolftune: So far he’s primarily been a recruiter/promoter.
  • wolftune: I would like there to be a clear understanding that if you’re on the team, you either show up to the meeting or, at the very least, communicate why you’re not here. (this is me talking about what I’m working on, not Athan’s position)
  • smichel17: I’d appreciate if he took on more of the PM role I’ve had in the past, knowing what’s going on with a lot of facets of the project, so I can focus more on using my technical skills for working on the site.
  • NEXT STEPS: Add Athan to team group on forum, other access… print biz cards

New meeting time

  • Salt: I have my new schedule, haven’t updeated form entries yet.
  • Salt: I’d like to have everyone’s availability entered by next week so we can decide on a new time.
  • wolftune: Should we pay the fee again to get premium?
  • Salt: Last week the billing was broken so it’s free for anyone…
  • OUTCOME: Upgraded to premium again :)
  • NEXT STEP (everyone, esp. Salt): update your availability; see
  • NEXT STEP (wolftune): ping Athan to add his availability