Meeting — March 7, 2019

Attendees: Salt, wolftune, msiep, smichel17


## Use of GitLab kanban boards (+ track civi todos there instead of this pad?)
- NEXT STEP (everyone): Start using the boards to pick your own assignments, mark To Do and Doing appropriately, capture any missing issues

## chreekat carryovers:
- tracking ops tasks for just server maintenance
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): Review/capture ops priorities [chreekat, in his own list]
- Bryan/Stephen meeting — CI/CD improvements
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): write blog post about this process, document <>
- NEXT STEP (smichel17): Ask bryan about a couple next steps for him in carry-overs, and sociocracy book

## Tech volunteers and framework etc
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): Decide whether we're open to the option of moving off of haskell for our web framework

## design progress, pace
- NEXT STEP: h30 documents his process of implementing mockups

## Ops meetings, progress
- NEXT STEP: Aryeah sets up fresh server and makes sure comfortable with monitoring etc. all key management points, *then* can get into decisions on Docker, Drupal, Civi etc.
- NEXT STEP: discuss some regular meeting time (if possible with chreekat), also Aryeah & Salt meetup (salt)

## LFNW physical stuff, art, printouts etc.
- need updated stuff for our booth
- tablecloth NEXT STEP: Salt updates with dimensions, reassigns to mray
- overhauled tall banner NEXT STEP: mray provide feedback
- handbills or other hand-outs that aren't biz-cards? NEXT STEP: salt starts Discourse topic

## Sociocracy 3.0
- wolftune: basically set on using these ideas; they aren't all-or-nothing, so we can just adopt them bit by bit as we can
- wolftune will do more to lead this but everyone is encouraged to read up about it and learn too
- For example, Drivers:
- wolftune: that seems clear, common sense, could use instead of "user stories"
- NEXT STEPS: review issues, tensions etc. using tools from S3, trial-and-error, one-at-a-time, as it makes sense
- NEXT STEP: wolftune posts that specific link to forum


Discourse (over past week):

  • Signups: 1 -> 0
  • New Topics: 2 -> 3
  • Posts: 22 -> 23

Sociocracy 3.0, wolftune @ page: 11 of 37

LFNW + beta milestone prioritizing/scheduling

LFNW blog post/announce

  • all drafted
  • NEXT STEP: wolftune publishes blog post after LFNW publishes their schedule

LFNW Accomodations & schedule re MSiep’s plans

  • NEXT STEP: msiep emails wolftune to clarify and discuss options

New Project Form

  • Kodi is already mostly past the first 2; they’re ready for the 3rd form.
  • Inkscape and a few others are probably ready for form 2.
  • NEXT STEP: (salt) implement forms 1 and 2 in civicrm (and 3 when ready) (will be updated with the implementation step)
  • NEXT STEP: (wolftune) gather more complete list of all the items we need to have from project for legal, transparency, Stripe, etc. etc.
  • NEXT STEP: (msiep) split up website-focused vs behind-the-scenes details from projects, have project page design to go along with the forms