Meeting — January 16, 2019

Attendees: wolftune, mray, msiep, Salt, smichel17

Carry-overs from last meeting

## tracking ops tasks for just server maintenance
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): Review/capture ops priorities [chreekat, in his own list]

## Bryan/Stephen meeting — CI/CD improvements
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): write blog post about this process, document <>

## Tech volunteers and framework etc
- NEXT STEP (chreekat): Decide whether we're open to the option of moving off of haskell for our web framework

## LFNW + beta milestone prioritizing/scheduling
- NEXT STEP (Salt, wolftune): Submit CFPs by January 31st <>
- NEXT STEP (smichel17): Look through issues, tag backend ones <>

## New meeting time?
- NEXT STEP (Salt especially, but everyone): Update weekly availability, see <>
- NEXT STEP (aryeah, fr33domlover, mray, msiep): Add availability

## Use of GitLab kanban boards (+ track civi todos there instead of this pad?)
- NEXT STEP (Salt, msiep, smichel17, h30, all…): Start using the boards to pick your own assignments, mark To Do and Doing appropriately, capture any missing issues


Discourse (over past week):

  • Signups: 1 -> 0
  • New Topics: 11 -> 2
  • Posts: 41 -> 19


  • Page 108

design progress, pace

  • Robert: thinking about the interaction situation on the project page where main pledging happens
  • We have some foundation, but not happy
  • implementation seems the main bottleneck, so not feeling pressure on design tasks
  • Msiep: agreed, lots of implementation not happening
  • having this bottleneck makes iteration
  • wolftune: CiviCRM is not blocker but would help with recruiting, but will move forward
  • Robert: I feel in the dark about the technical situation, I would like to understand more and know what newcomers face etc. for potential recruiting
  • wolftune: We have no plan to move off of haskell for front-end, but if someone came along and was willing to put in time working on snowdrift, but was put off by haskell, we’d be open to it
  • wolftune: documention from h30 about his process will be helpful
  • Stephen made a script to help Robert more easily check out branches, not published
  • the developers we want wouldn’t need such things though
  • NEXT STEP: h30 does his documentation
  • NEXT STEP: wolftune (and anyone else) does proactive recruiting of developers (perhaps check in with previous contributors)
  • NEXT STEP (wolftune): blog about development volunteer needs / positions etc.

Gitlab migration

  • smichel17: there is a bug with importing repos, the gitlab folks have offered to migrate the problematic repos manually
  • NEXT STEP (smichel17): Accept offer of manual migration, unless the bug will be fixed in the next month or two