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Team availability tool

The team availability tool is a timesheet with each team member’s availability schedule displayed in different timezones, making it easier to find the best times for team members to meet. For usage notes, click on the “Instructions” tab at the bottom of the page.

If you are new to the team and are using it for the first time, please add your name and available times to facilitate future scheduling.

GNOME shell timezone extension

The GNOME shell timezone extension is an extension to see the current time/location of team members. In the extension’s settings, add this url as the location for the people.json file. If you want offline access, you can also download the file and place it in your home directory, though you will not automatically receive updates to the file this way. You can add your name, avatar and timezone to the file by editing the resources/people page and saving the changes.

Adding a resource file

  1. Upload the file to /resources by giving the path /resources/filename.ext for the name (replacing “filename.ext” with the desired filename and extension).

  2. Add the link to the list above.