This is a high-level overview of our upcoming goals. The team resources page lists the tools we use.


  • Discourse working well, moderation in place, invite participation there
  • Recruit official Board
  • Get legal bylaws in place, then follow them in our overall governance
    • Includes solidifying the co-op structure
  • Get legal review of other policies / operations for the site
  • Continue settling working process, team-governance
  • Solidify auth / sysadmin / secrets etc. (for a secure, reliable site without a single-point-of-failure)
  • Recruit first set of outside projects
  • Get clear on overall site UX
    • visitors easily and effectively understand the core concepts
    • visitors can easily sign-up, pledge, etc. without issues
    • notifications in place
    • promote more widely, get patronage to level worth charging
  • CiviCRM fully working well, usable for tracking cases
    • volunteer form