Grants to Consider

Despite wanting to focus on our core patronage system, we should not rule out applying for various forms of support and grants

Grants to consider

  • Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) Awards
  • APC Chris Nicol FLOSS Prize is a $4,000 or $1,500 prize for things enabling and promoting FLOSS to the public and public participation in FLOSS
  • Knight News Challenge — ambitious, very public grant where ideas are publicly posted, discussed, and eventually may get anything from very small to very large grants, probably too rushed to try for 2014, maybe 2015 will work, although maybe we’ll be functioning with our own fundraising by then
  • The Awesome Foundation is a small grant-making for local people, could apply in Portland or other areas where the team is
  • The Open Society Foundation Fellowship is a program from George Soros and isn’t perfect fit but is maybe worth considering. They accept inquiry e-mails about fit for applicants, which we should consider. $80k-$100k stipend.
  • Sloan Foundation, we should consider submitting an inquiry (although initial look seems it might not be appropriate, maybe isn’t for start-up type things)
  • Google Summer of Code funds students to work on FLO projects, apply by February generally for inclusion in the following summer’s term
  • Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship — dedicated to FLO projects; provides a dedicated stipend to one person; open application times; deadlines Nov 1 for March start / May 1 for Sept start
  • Ashoka Venture and Fellowship
  • Knight Foundation Prototype Fund