Governance’s governance is loosely based on Holacracy with less strict separation of the idea of “roles” versus people.

Our full governance docs live in the governance repository at

The following summarizes our basic approach:


Different ongoing Domains (i.e. areas of responsibility) for the project are separated into different roles. Each role is independently accountable for their scope of work and specify policies as needed.

Team members can be assigned to any number of roles. Outside (non-team) volunteers may assist with any area but need to become official team members to hold official roles. The role holder(s) are accountable in the end, whether or not they or outside volunteers do the work.

A person holding any role can define and assign new roles in order to fully delegate a portion of their scope. When such delegations are done, the related roles are grouped into Circles.

Tensions between roles

While the holder of a role has sole authority to make decisions and take actions within their domain, they must ask for permission when impacting the domain of a different role (unless that role already grants explicit permission in a Policy document).

When any tension is not resolved readily, we have a governance meeting to discuss how to adjust things to move forward.