This page describes the system found in the Snowdrift governance repository.
For discussion of governance issues, see its issues section.’s governance is based on Holacracy. It is organized around ongoing goals we’d like to achieve. Each goal becomes the purpose of a Role. Roles with closely related purposes are grouped into Circles. Team members can fill many roles at a time or none, although only team members can fill roles.

Some roles also have Domains: things over which that role has exclusive control.

Filling a Role means accepting a responsibility for working towards its purpose, including a responsibility for performing any recurring actions (Accountabilities) associated with that role. Note: Others may perform Accountabilities on your behalf. You’re still responsible for making sure they happen.

It also gives you the sole authority to make any decision and take any action in the pursuit of that purpose, although you must ask for permission to impact a domain of a different role. Roles can give permission to impact their domains without asking – usually within a set of guidelines – by setting a Policy.