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Note: this page is somewhat dated, missing some newer team members, some here are no longer active; we plan to add a better page to the main site; see also the team group on our forum.

David ThomasDavid Thomasirc: davidthomas
As the son of two programmers, I have spent most of my life around computers. I was exposed early on to the ideas behind Free Software and I benefited from the learning opportunities of being able to study and adapt the code of existing programs. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and later moved to Ann Arbor where I worked with the University of Michigan’s Mobile Robotics Lab. In Michigan I met co-founder Aaron Wolf through a mutual friend. My involvement has shifted at various times from full-time developer to advisor to primary pre-launch funder.

Aaron WolfAaron Wolfirc: wolftune
I’m an aspiring polymath with a classical guitar degree. As co-founder of, I manage the project overall, author most of the writings and concepts, and dabble with coding and site design. I otherwise run a private music teaching studio, am a member of the Task Coach project team, and am active in the GNU/Linux music community. See for my music-related recordings, videos, and articles covering music theory, philosophy, music-related FLO software recommendations, and Free Culture musings.

Bryan RichterAvatarirc: chreekat
I was brought on to in January 2015 to take the programming lead in the drive towards a usable site. I have been using Free/Libre software since 2000 and have participated in a few different open source projects — socially, if nothing else. :) Now I’m excited to put my professional experience to work for the interesting and valuable cause that represents.

Robert MartinezRobert Martinezirc: mray
I’m a designer with a formal education as a “Digital & Print Media Creator” and a “Digital Media” Bachelor of Arts from Ulm University of Applied Sciences. I use and like free software/free culture and hope to support both with the advancement of I’m a FSFE Fellow and member of the local Chaos Computer Club here in Freiburg, Germany.

User research and interaction design consultant
The Tech Design Psychologist™

IkoIkoirc: ikomi
Origamist, designer and FLO software enthusiast, collaborating with other members on design and documentation.

Stephen MichelAvatarirc: smichel17
I’m a programmer by trade, but am also interested in design and other more human aspects of community, legal, outreach, project management. ..I see myself as Snowdrift’s backup wolftune, with a hand or a foot in most aspects of the project. I’d like to teach myself Haskell and contribute code at some point, but for now I think it’s more important that I contribute in ways where I can be productive immediately (mostly project management and documentation so far).

Wm Salt HaleWm Salt Haleirc: Salt
Community Director
Kilted Globetrotter,
Free/Libre/Open Advocate,
and Lifelong Hacker

I’m a soul seeking truth and good. My way of life, interests and areas of exploration include things like ethics, sustainability, permaculture, gift economy, veganism, anarchism, free culture, free software. I have basic programming skills and knowledge, which I occasionally use here with Snowdrift.