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James SheldonJames Sheldon
I’m an educational theorist and practicioner (focused on queer perspectives on urban education) and have been working for the past several years on ways to create participatory mathematics classrooms. I am concerned by how curriculum, journals, and research in my field are funded primarily by large, unaccountable private corporations and foundations and then locked down with restrictive copyrights and access restrictions. These principles of democracy need to apply not only in the classroom, but in the way that ideas are produced and disseminated. Drawing upon my background in building worker cooperatives, labor organizing, student activism, and facilitation, I have been working to incorporate these principles of participation and engagement into

I work in sales support at a publishing company by day and subvert copyright by night. As a former librarian, I care deeply about providing access to quality information resources even for the most dispossessed members of our society.

Mitchell RosenAvatar
I’m a programmer and Haskell enthusiast. I met Aaron and David at BayHac in 2014 and was so intrigued by their ideas that I immediately hopped on board! My love for functional programming and building free software could not be better whet than at Snowdrift.

Nikita KaretnikovAvatar
I’m a programmer based in Moscow with four years of Haskell experience (among other things), and I care deeply about software freedom, which is important to our society. Jobs in free software are hard to come by, so I’m grateful to be working on this issue with

Jonathan RobertsAvatar
I’m a professional musician living in the Willamette River Basin in the Cascadian region of North America. I’m organizing the development of our co-op structure, including the formation of our bylaws and relationships with other co-ops. Please check in with me if you’re working on or thinking about these things too!

Joe ThomasAvatar
Joe is a developer and younger sibling of co-founder David Thomas. Joe helped with early prototype web development for the first instance of the demo system.

Peter HarpendingPeter Harpendingirc: pharpend

I am a programmer and math student. My main projects are:

  • LYSA, a math textbook, and hopefully a future hub for libre educational resources.
  • and, of course Snowdrift.

Jason HarrerJason Harrerirc: JazzyEagle
Snowdrift volunteer, CC Music Enthusiast, FLO Advocate

I’m a software developer and information freedom advocate currently operating out of Ontario, Canada.