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Once upon a time, I decided to install Linux on an old computer I had lying around, that could not run windows 7 (and, having used 7, I didn’t want to go back to XP; linux also seemed cool). As I was researching different distributions, I came across an article discussing whether Ubuntu is an asset or liability to the Free Software movement.1 It was fascinating; I was hooked.

Since then I’ve become a staunch advocate for FLO software. I use Fedora Gnu/Linux as my primary operating system, and I am in the process of liberating my Android phone.

When I’m not working on – currently as a project manager, hopefully as a programmer once I learn Haskell – I’m probably chatting about it in IRC, sleeping, playing games, or thinking about UX design.

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Updated on: 2017-1-13.3

  1. An asset because of the publicity they bring, a liability because of their questionable commitment to the ideals of the movement.

  2. Hosted on, which is almost half as cool as

  3. I believe in dating all static documents on the internet.