#snowdrift IRC Channel and Matrix Room

We have general live chat on Matrix at also bridged to IRC via at #snowdrift.

For IRC, most GNU/Linux systems offer built-in options such as Konversation for KDE or Empathy for GNOME, otherwise see this list of FLO IRC clients. For web clients, one option is the KiwiIRC web interface.

For Matrix, any client works, but the most popular is Element which works either in a web browser or via an installed app.

Chat history

The Matrix room tracks the chat history, and it’s visible in the Element web app even without logging in:

Chat usage

While our community forum is good for longer posts and specific topical discussions, IRC/Matrix is more loose and casual. Those discussions are often real-time or semi-real-time and have a flat, ongoing format instead of distinct topics. We chat about various ideas, ask questions, socialize, and so on — anything connected to (even just tangential).


You might see us using some emoticons you don’t recognize. They’re called Salticons, because Salt (one of our team members) came up with them (though they seem to have been discovered multiple times independently by different people in the world).

Salticon meaning
d thumbs up
o/ waving, or raising a hand
\o waving in the other direction
(usually, waving goodbye)
\o/ hooray!
o\ facepalm
/o\ head in hands
(or double facepalm)


Chat should follow our Code of Conduct. Note that flooding the channel with overwhelming quantity of messages will be considered spamming regardless of the content.

As we cannot flag and edit specific comments in IRC (but possible on the Matrix side), please send a polite, private message to anyone violating the Code of Conduct asking them to improve the issue going forward.

If someone does not show willingness to address friendly complaints or if they continually post things in violation of the Code of Conduct, alert a moderator.

Please also consider the channel guidelines and the rest of the policies.