#snowdrift IRC Channel

We have a general live chat channel on at #snowdrift which you can access with any IRC client such as the KiwiIRC web interface.1

Discussion sections on wiki pages have particular focus, but the IRC discussion is more loose and casual. As a community meeting place, we chat about various ideas, ask questions, socialize, and so on — anything connected to

We have a bot (“fpbot”) on the channel which will one day handle alerts, integration with the website, and more. For example, you can leave a message for another member with the following command: fpbot: tell username Your message.2


You might see us using some emoticons you don’t recognize. They’re called Salticons, because Salt (one of our team members) came up with them.

Salticon meaning
d thumbs up
o/ waving, or raising a hand
\o waving in the other direction
(usually, waving goodbye)
\o/ hooray!
o\ facepalm
/o\ head in hands
(or double facepalm)


Like other discussion, chat in the IRC channel should follow our Code of Conduct. Note that flooding the channel with overwhelming quantity of messages will be considered spamming regardless of the content.

Unlike the site, we cannot flag and edit specific comments in IRC, so for conduct violations, please send the party a private message politely asking them to improve their tone and perhaps to apologize. Avoid shaming them. Instead, focus on how apologies and clarifications show good will and help everyone get along.

If someone does not show willingness to address friendly complaints or if they continually post things in violation of the Code of Conduct, alert a moderator.

Please also consider the channel guidelines and the rest of the policies.

  1. The KiwiIRC site loads Flash if you have it installed and auto-running, but it doesn’t require Flash to work. The official web IRC interface works too, but isn’t as nice. For dedicated client apps, most GNU/Linux systems offer built-in options such as Konversation for KDE or Empathy for GNOME, otherwise see this list of FLO IRC clients.

  2. Note that snowbot: tell username: Your message will not work. It will try to send a message to username: instead.