Conferences and Other Events participates in various events associated with our mission and work.

Currently, our Communications section includes a list of conferences. Here we will discuss specifics about events we plan to attend and information about them in more detail.

We have sometimes organized local meetups, particularly in Portland, Oregon. We use tags to mark local areas within the Events category on our forum

Upcoming events

In sooner to later order

Past events

We’re not including conferences and events that team or community may have attended, only those in which we had some formal presence. These are in recent to older order.

Linux Fest Northwest 2017, Bellingham, WA, May 6-7

We had a joint table with the Open Source Initiative (who support us as an incubator project).

Linux Fest Northwest 2016, Bellingham, WA, April 23-24

We had a table in the expo hall

SCaLE 2016, Pasadena, CA, January 22-24

We had a full booth. Also, Aaron spoke on GNU/Linux music making. See this tweet with photograph

SeaGL 2015, Seattle, WA, October 23-24

Aaron gave a Snowdrift-focused lightning talk and also spoke on GNU/Linux music making

Community Leadership Summit 2015, Portland, OR, July 18-19

Though primarily an unconference without preplanned schedule, Aaron gave a plenary on Facilitation 101 along with participating otherwise.

Open Source Bridge 2015, Portland, OR, June 23-26

Aaron gave a talk: “Bringing non-technical people to the Free/Libre/Open world and why it matters”. Bryan also did an unconference session on “Zero to Haskell”.

BayHac 2015, Mountain View, CA, June 12-14

Bryan, David, and Aaron were all present and worked with new contributors on Snowdrift hacking

Linux Fest Northwest 2015, Bellingham, WA, April 25-26

We had a booth at the expo

SCALE 2015, Los Angeles, CA, February 20-22

We had our first ever booth here!