Dream Projects

  • Aaron’s guitar / music educational method dream
    • I want to write a FLO music teaching method with audio recordings, MuseScore files, full print-capable book layout, maybe open wiki style, use existing CC content, but most is not fully adequate
    • could utilize massive crowdsourcing, volunteers, etc. but would need dedicated primary editor / head of project
    • is not intended to be simple mashup of existing ideas but a particular method utilizing the best ideas but organized around a particular educational philosophy and attitude distinct from just being a neutralized best-of-what’s-popular-already approach
    • doesn’t need full funding to start, could start with few or no supporters, but be listed and work a little and over time as it grows could recruit supporters…
    • just a vision currently and not an existing project
  • Gwern Branwen
    • File under ‘individual artist’, where the product is writing for the web, and code…
    • writer
    • Haskell programmer
    • Against/renounces copyright
    • Motivated by/needs donations
    • Generally experimental (and critical)
    • Has a big geek audience/well respected
  • Kragen Javier Sitaker