community/ Advisors

Volunteer for various Free/Libre/Open projects, including OpenHatch, Software Freedom Conservancy, AcaWiki, Open Definition Advisory Council,, and the Economics and the Commons Conference and blogs.

As an autodidact, coder, idealist, philosopher, transhumanist, and writer, I have passed through a number of different vocations in life, across three continents as well as the Internet. I consider my most notable work to be my time as the first paid employee of the Wikimedia Foundation; my prolific writing on the subjects of security, programming, and open source software for TechRepublic as a regular contributor for half a decade; my development effort for a number of open source software projects; and my work as the co-founder and director of the Copyfree Initiative. Add to that my support of Snowdrift, and I hope that on balance, I am a net contributor to the betterment of the world in which I live.