Targeted Messaging involves many constituencies. In order to identify and address the concerns of each type of project, we have pages introducing the vision and mechanism to different groups.

We have also described our research into the particular histories and status quo for several different fields.

If you would like to help us reach out to a particular targeted community, please make use of these materials to help tailor your message. Also, check here to see whether we already know of certain existing ideas.


History / status-quo in different fields and’s impact

Articles on the status quo in various fields under Market Reearch:

  • [Proprietary issues and FLO funding in software
  • [Proprietary issues and FLO funding in journalism
  • [Proprietary issues and FLO funding in art/music/etc draft
  • [Proprietary issues and FLO funding in co-ops and democracy online draft
  • Not yet drafted: history/status-quo overviews for education, in research