This page discusses outside channels by which we promote

After launching, projects themselves will be a large part of reaching out to their audiences.

Places we have engaged and suggest at least considering for future publicity:

News aggregates

Social networks

  • Mastodon / Fediverse:
  • Twitter: @SnowdriftCoop
  • Others: Obviously, individuals may have accounts on all sorts of services including Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc, etc), but we don’t have any formal connection to those at this time.

Mailing lists and fora

IRC channels

All at #haskell, #haskell-beginners, #fsf, #gnu, #opensourcemusicians, #libreplanet, #openhatch, #freeculture, #opensourcedesign

(What about Matrix rooms etc?)


See our press page for particular articles written about and general press info.


Some of us have attended several conferences, and we should try to connect with more. In some cases, conferences have been convenient enough for someone from our team to attend, but we hope other volunteer liaisons can help us promote and network at other events. Presenting will be ideal, but attending otherwise is also often worthwhile.

(There are tons of other smaller or random tech conferences, and we should organize them in some sort of priority order with more information. Maybe we could also list general notes about local meetups that are the sorts of places to promote: GNU/Linux groups, Wikipedia meetups, Hacker Spaces, etc. etc. within reason…)


  1. currently, Aaron is the only one with access, but we’ll adjust that later as we get things more organized. We may prefer to just have individuals always represent themselves, not sure.