Resources for External Websites

We clearly want to integrate with outside sites and services as much as possible.

Projects promoting their funding

See the Press page for various buttons and images

We need to encourage prominent buttons and links on project websites. One promotional option: request support as someone is downloading (or immediately after).1

We plan to have a full API system for projects to pull stats from the site to show on their sites. With that in place, the main message should be: “X# of current patrons will donate more when you pledge as well!”

Projects could also add a link to their e-mail signature etc. — especially when providing support to users.

Messages from projects to supporters

For general statements about the system, see our page on slogans.

Projects could specifically say some statement to the effect of:

If you use and appreciate this, it is your honorable duty to be a patron. We understand that you have limited resources to share, but everyone’s support helps us reach our potential. Of course, if you already do what you can to support other community projects, please do not hesitate to make full use of our project. We’re all in this together.


Pledge via and get matched by everyone else! There’s no risk: you only donate as others join you, and even a small pledge makes a big difference.


How can this be free? What’s the catch? First, this project gets made partly by volunteers in their spare time. However, we still need funds, and that comes from patrons who support our work. You too can join this community! Our existing patrons have pledged to increase their support when new patrons join — so, help us accelerate our progress by adding your pledge at!