Snow Report 2017: road partly cleared, expect delays

It’s been five years, have we got the road cleared by now? When will finally launch? Is the project still active? I want this to happen! Let me pledge and give you money!

I’ve heard these types of questions for a while now. I’ve usually answered like this:

We’re getting there. I wish I could say it will launch this year, but I don’t know. We’re still active — look at the GitLab activity, mailing list archives, and IRC/Matrix history. I want this too, and actually we turned on real pledging a while ago but still haven’t gotten around to announcing it (wanting certain things in place first)…

I know that’s not quite what people want to hear, but they’re always happy that things are better than they appear. When I update this post soon, the finished version will be a full report on the State of the Project and why it’s seemed so quiet for too long.