Next Steps for

The funding mechanism is the central feature among the many ambitious goals involved in building a holistic system supporting our mission. This page describes broadly the necessary next steps to achieving a functional funding system.

Self-funding as MVP

The first major milestone we aim to reach is funding through the crowdmatching mechanism. Having one project with pledges and funding operating effectively will provide the foundational “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) upon which we can build the rest of the platform and then invite other projects to join.

Next steps

Launch the MVP

This will be a “semi-open” beta.

  • Implement the accounting and bookkeeping needed by the funding mechanism (in progress)
  • Contact users who need to create or verify their email addresses.
  • Do the switchover.
    • Back up wiki discussions before taking it offline (#366).
    • Migrate user auth.
    • Update master branch to deploy to production.

For specific details, check out our project management system on

Tasks for upcoming milestones

  • [Too many to list here]

Once we launch the MVP we will need to take stock of open tasks, recurring tasks, possible directions, and likely paths to success or failure. There is a lot to do.

A longer list for the bold

  • Implement user dashboard and project pages that present pledging UI and show patron status (design prototype exists).
  • Implement limits, pledge suspension, and rollover payments.
  • Implement procedures and tools for backups and security.
  • Support multiple projects on the crowdmatching platform!
  • Organizing the wiki content to provide answers to all common questions.
  • Produce illustrations about the concepts and system, ideally videos (see the Design page for more details).

Other ongoing tasks

  • Follow-up on our fund-drive, finish sending out rewards to the donors.
  • Continue organizing our volunteer recruitment, management, delegation, and related tools etc. See How to Help.
  • Solidify our team organizing and workflow management.
  • Participate in conferences.
  • Pursue partnerships.
  • Work on Internationalization / translation.
  • Have Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and financial transaction rules reviewed by a lawyer.
  • Have Bylaws reviewed by a lawyer, then appoint board and approve bylaws which will be ratified at the first member meeting.

We also have a legal page with more details.