Past Presentations about Snowdrift.coop

Aaron’s first public presentation

Feb 21, 2013 Washtenaw GNU/Linux Users Group:
40MB ogg vorbis audio
sorry not synced, you’ll have to guess how it lines up with audio, and it was put together quickly last-minute, easy to think of lots of ways to improve; certainly more personal stuff to go with the early narrative

LibrePlanet lightning talk

Aaron gave a lightning talk at LibrePlanet 2014 in Cambridge, MA
No recording was made unfortunately. Notes were:

  • Snowdrift dilemma: who’s gonna do it? I might wait to see if others will help, and they wait to see if I’ll do it, and nothing happens!
  • Our obstacle is the proprietary software that hurts our freedoms and out-competes FLO
  • Kickstarter helps assure CRITICAL MASS but has issues
  • other systems don’t solve the dilemma
  • We provide sustainability, accountability, and mutual assurance
  • Our mechanism: no risk, network effect
  • Our system invites others to join so we grow beyond the existing community
  • We are a free software project, written in Haskell, our current status…
  • 3 classes: team, projects, patrons. We could use your help in any and all of those capacities

Aaron’s session at DebConf 2014

WebM video: Free Software Economics: patronage and crowdfunding

Also, from the DebConf 2014 lightning talks, Aaron’s starts at 15:22 in the video there.

Open Source Bridge 2015

Aaron gave a talk on a broader topic with Snowdrift.coop as a major emphasis: “Bringing non-technical people to the Free/Libre/Open world and why it matters”
Session listing

SCaLE 14x (2016)

Aaron gave a live presentation of GNU/Linux music-making with lots of references to FLO issues and Snowdrift.coop.


Salt (after being involved for just a couple months) gave a 15-minute presentation introducing Snowdrift.coop (see video link and slides and description)

Aaron as guest on podcasts

LinuxFest NW 2019

Salt & Aaron presentated, video recorded: https://www.linuxfestnorthwest.org/conferences/2019/program/proposals/333

SeaGL 2019

Aaron presented on Codes of Conduct and Restorative/Transformative Justice, referencing how we’re managing these things at Snowdrift.coop: https://osem.seagl.org/conferences/seagl2019/program/proposals/706

This talk recording failed. The ideas from it were incorporated somewhat into the updated Snowdrift Community Values and Aaron’s newer project outside of Snowdrift: FLO-Conscious-Living.

SeaGL 2021

Aaron, Salt, and Athan did a panel talk, “FLOSS daily — but FLO all the time”. https://seagl.org/archive/2021/floss-daily-but-flo-all-the-time

LibrePlanet 2022

Aaron presented on the overall economics of public goods and FLO with a new framing on the language and concepts: MediaGoblin link FLO economics talk or PeerTube link FLO economics talk.

Here are the assets: FLO-economics slides and FLO-economics script

FOSSY 2023

Aaron adapted the LibrePlanet 2022 ideas with a Snowdrift-introduction emphasis and state-of-the-project. Video: Snowdrift.coop: sustainable funding for FLO projects

Slides: Snowdrift-and-public-goods-economics