Fundraising for Charities and Other Purposes

Obviously, our matching pledge mechanism could work for all sorts of fundraising. The extended community-wide matching and long-term support commitment may achieve superior results.

Among the most prominent traditional fund-drives, consider those from public broadcasting networks (such as NPR and PBS in the United States). They usually offer matching grants and sustaining pledges as options. Our approach combines the best of these existing strategies. We would welcome public broadcasting organizations to use Snowdrift.coop if they will license their productions in a free/libre/open way as would fit our mission and current focus.

If we succeed initially, we could consider expanding to fund other public goods besides non-rivalrous FLO works. We could include community projects, charitable work, and even service and recreational groups. At this point, these types of projects are outside the scope of our mission.

Our site’s software and all of the writings and associated ideas are available for use and adaptation by others within the terms of the licenses we have chosen (see the links in the site footer). Otherwise, we have researched and listed other sites with other approaches to fundraising and mentioned our recommendations, see the Market Research section for other crowdfunding sites of note.