Here you will find documentation for Snowdrift.coop, a non-profit cooperative platform for funding freely-licensed works everyone can use and share without limitations.

Our core feature is a new fundraising approach we call crowdmatching. Patrons donate together by all agreeing to match one another instead of donating unilaterally.

About Snowdrift.coop

To learn about the project:

  • Get the gist from our 1 minute intro video
  • Look around the Snowdrift.coop website
  • Review the basic concepts from our older illustrated intro
  • Read organized articles, mission statement, and more details in the About section of this wiki.
  • Read our blog for various updates.
  • See where we’re headed on our roadmap page.
  • See more links and details at the team resources page.

Get involved

We’re a non-profit organization built primarily by volunteers. There are many ways to help. You can get started without making a large commitment.

Participate in the community and give feedback

Feedback and questions from newcomers can prompt progress. As you learn and explore, please connect with us, share your experience, etc.

Support us financially

Becoming a patron at Snowdrift.coop is an easy step with low commitment. You only donate as others join you (which is the core premise of our crowdmatching system). Even when we get to 1,000 patrons, you’ll only be giving $1 per month.

See our project page for more info about pledging. Your ongoing support helps fund development as well as cover other server and legal costs.

Beyond that, we welcome larger grants to help us get fully launched. See more info at our Donate page.

Promote us and recruit others

Once you feel comfortable enough with the overall concepts:

  • Mention Snowdrift.coop in relevant discussions online, at conferences, with friends and family, etc.
  • Write blog posts or other updates about Snowdrift.coop
  • Invite others to come learn and help


Check out our How to Help page for more information on volunteering.